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Feathered Dinos TOOB


SKU: 681904
Size Package size: 4 x 4 x 33 cm
Body size: 4 to 7.5 cm
About goods Age 6 years or older
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American brand with the desire to feel the animal familiar while playing.
It is made elaborately to detail, and it is characterized by the powerful potion that is likely to move even now.
Feather dinosaur tube
Pakcephalosaurus (Late Mesozoic), casmosaurus (Late Mesozoic), cynthontosaurus (Early Cretaceous), protokeratops (Late Cretaceous), velociraptus (about 830-70 million years ago) and Dilong (Early Cretaceous)
Kaudipteryx (early Middle Cretaceous), Apatosaurus (lapse of the Middle Cretaceous), Tyrannosaurus (Late Mesozoic), pipipiosaurus (Early Cretaceous), Psittacosaurus (Middle Cretaceous) and microrapta (Early Mesozoic)
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