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WS Kronosaurus


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Size 34.25 x 19.5 cm
About goods Age 3 years or older
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American brand with the desire to feel the animal familiar while playing.
It is made elaborately to detail, and it is characterized by the powerful potion that is likely to move even now.

It is a marine reptile that lived in Australia during the early Middle Cretaceous APto period to the ARB period.

Chrono Saurus.
HR was discovered in Australia in the early Cretaceous.
The name Kronos is the king of giants in Greek mythology, and the name of the great God who later became the father and enemy of Zeus.
It had a huge body and a big head, and a sharp tooth was lined up in the mouth, and it was swiftly swiftly swimming underwater.

DVD fantasium: Dinosaur figure: the movie
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