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WS Monolophosaurus



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Size cm: 19.25 L x 5 W x 8 H
About the product Age 3 or older
American brand with the desire to feel close to animals while playing.
It is made elaborately to detail, it is characterized by a powerful posing that seems to move at any moment.

In the middle of the Jurassic period, i was making a sound in the head of Tosaka.

What is monorophosaurus?
It lived in the mid-Jurassic period, 100 million years ago.
Carnivorous dinosaur discovered in 1984 with an almost complete skeleton.
The biggest feature was the tosaka-shaped bone above the nose muscles of the head, which was hollow inside and connected to the nasal cavity.
The mouth part has a lot of sharp teeth which are important for the carnivorous dinosaur.

#恐竜 #ディスプレイ #デコレーション #動物 #フィギュア #店舗 #人形
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