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GD Apatosaurus



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Size W31xD7xH16.5cm
About a product Target age 3 years old or older
The American brand that thought to want you to feel an animal to be close while playing was put.
It is made precisely in detail and features powerful ポージング which seems to begin to move at any moment.

It is hard to be too big, and to walk the land

Oh, with the pato Saul's?
I inhabit from last part of Jurassic and am the dinosaur characterized by a long neck and the tail such as the whip.
I resembled a brachiosaur and was considered as the same dinosaur until findings were announced in 2015.
Oh, the pato Saul's did landlubbing with a sharp face of the tip of nose.
In addition, I became a model of the Nessie, and it became the dinosaur which was popular among children.

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