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Humboldt Penguin


SKU: 276229
size in cm: 4 L x 3.7 W x 7.5 H
product age range: 3 years old
《Safari. Ltd》
playful animals, and felt like for the American brand.
Elaborately made, you such a powerful pose features.

Classification:Penguin eye penguin Department
scientific name:Spheniscus humboldti
English:Humboldt Penguin

Humboldt penguin is?
Humboldt Current flows from South American coastal regions to live.
Aka Peruvian Penguin, also called the warm"dry"area to live the Penguins.
The chest is a thick single line, The around pink color the skin of the have to features.
Very timid with humans to avoid contact with the organism.

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