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Polar Bear Cub


SKU: 273429
size cm:7L x 3 W x 4.5 H
about goods subject age over three years
American brands with the desire to feel familiar with animals while playing.
It is characterized by a powerful porching that is made up of detail and is likely to move even now.

Classification: The family Cat Cooks.
The scientific name: Ursus maritimus
English name: Polar bear

What about the bear?
As its name is the silocumar living in the Arctic, the body hair that looks white is transparent and straw-like.
It is so olfactory that it senses even the movement of the seals swimming under the ice.
With the global warming, the lesser seals are also affecting the ecology of the horny bear.
White hair is popular around the world, and is used as an image character for various companies such as Coca-Cola.

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