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White Bengal Tiger


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size inches: 5.91 L x 4 W x 5.7 H
products age range: 3 years old
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playful animals, and felt like for the American brand.
Elaborately made, you such a powerful pose features.

Classification:Carnivora Felidae
scientific name:Panthera along with Nilo and Euphrates, along with Nilo and Euphrates
it:the White Tiger

the White Tiger is?
Mainly in Western India and Pakistan from the Eastern part of the Bengal provinces to the live site.
Yellow Bengal tiger in the body hair is white the white tiger called.
China is the king of beasts speaking of Tiger,an old talisman or the mountain of God and worship them.
And the lion is strong, and in Roman times the spectacle is often done, and so many of the victory that it was.

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