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Sea Turtle Baby


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Size cm: 12.7 L x 16 W x 4.59 H
About a product More than target age 18 months
The American brand that thought to want you to feel an animal to be close while playing was put.
It is made precisely in detail and features powerful ポージング which seems to begin to move at any moment.

A classification: Testudinata sea turtle department
学名:Chelonia mydas
Fame: Green turtle

With the sea turtle?
As for the loggerhead turtle, the green turtle lives at the coast in the offing.
The green turtle in particular can meet even diving with popularity in Okinawa or Boso Peninsula.
Originally it is early and, with the thing which the tortoise which was on the land appears in the sea, and evolved, can swim by the big hand such as the fin.
When the female of the sea turtle is summer, I enter the land for laying eggs.
Children who hatched are only approximately several centimeters, and it is said that only 1/5000 fits an adult.

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