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Veiled Chameleon


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Size cm: 24 L× 9.5 W × 11 H
About a product More than target age 18 months
The American brand that thought to want you to feel an animal to be close while playing was put.
It is made precisely in detail and features powerful ポージング which seems to begin to move at any moment.

A classification: Existence scale eyes chameleon department
学名:Chamaeleo calyptratus
英名:Veiled Chameleon

With エボシカメレオン?
Eyes and the hat which protruded are charming creatures. I am combined with the unique looks and am extreme popularity as a pet because I eat not only the insect but also grass and the fruit. The biggest characteristic of the chameleon is camouflage, and a color of the body changes for environment and physical condition, a feeling. A color changes completely in the female breeding season.

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