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Galapagos Tortoise Baby


SKU: 260829
Size cm: 13 L x 6.5 W x 6 H
About the product Age 18 months or more
American brand with the desire to feel close to animals while playing.
It is made elaborately to detail, it is characterized by a powerful posing that seems to move at any moment.

Classification: Turtle-eye tortoise family
Name: Geochelone nigra
English name: Gal âapagos giant tortoise

What is a Galapagos tortoise?
Turtles live only in the Galapagos Islands.
The Galapagos tortoise is not only large, but also has a record of living for more than 150 years because it is very long.
It was the world's largest tortoise and there were no natural enemies in the natural world, but it was overfished by humans to reduce the number and temporarily became endangered. Recently, it has been on the rise by protective activities.

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