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Pygmy Hippo


SKU: 229229
size cm: 8.26 L x 2.67 W x 4.32 H
products age range: 3 years old
《Safari. Ltd》
playful animals, and felt like for the American brand.
Elaborately made, you such a powerful pose features.

Classification:ungulate cover Department
scientific name:Choeropsis liberiensis
English:Pygmy hippopotamus

is the atmosphere
of Africa in the West, Liberia and Guinea, such as living in the world's smallest bag,the atmosphere. And the world the three great curiosities of the of 1 animals and curiosities in curiosities in.
This is a yellow,length 150-180cm, and weight is 180-275kg much. Small lol The feeling is usually of the size of the cover is approximately 350cm~400cm,the weight is approximately 1. 2~2.6 t there. 1/3 from you.
Normal Hippo,crocodile is also true in two of the power and ferocity there is,the canal is small, the normally predatory target to make it. Small animals of prey and large and like an elephant by feel. Escape of the attacked and,with Sad features.

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