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Zebra Shark


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size cm: 11 L x 7.7 W x 4.8 H
About the product Target age 3 years or older
An American brand that expresses the desire to make animals feel closer to you while you play.
It has been carefully crafted to the smallest detail and features powerful poses that are likely to start moving.

Classification: guinea shark
Scientific name: Stegostoma fasciatum
English name: Zebra shark

What is a tiger shark?
It is coastal and often found in coral reefs.
It is nocturnal, resting on the seabed during the day and eating fish, shellfish, sea snakes, etc. that hide in the cracks of rocks at night.
The swim is quick and powerful, with the body and tail fins rolling like eels.
It does not hurt even if a person approaches, and if you get used to it, you can even rub your stomach.

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