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Chinstrap Penguin


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size cm: 7.5 L x 7.5 W x 6.3 H
About the product Target age 3 years or older
An American brand that expresses the desire to make animals feel closer to you while you play.
It has been carefully crafted to the smallest detail and features powerful poses that are likely to start moving.

Classification: Penguin eyes Penguinidae
Scientific name: Pygoscelis antarctica
English name: Chinstrap Penguin

What is a penguin?
Most penguins breed in spring and summer, while emperor penguins breed in Antarctica in winter, which reaches -60 degrees. Black and white two-tone colors and toddlers are very popular animals in aquariums. It has a very high diving ability and can dive up to 500 meters. Curious, smart, and play well with humans.

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