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Loggerhead Turtle


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size cm: 9.19 L x 9.30 W x 3 H
About the product Target age 3 years and over
An American brand that expresses the desire to make animals feel closer to you while you play.
It has been carefully crafted to the smallest detail and features powerful poses that are likely to start moving. ..

Classification: Turtleidae Sea turtle
Scientific name: Caretta caretta
English name: Loggerhead turtle

What is a sea turtle?
Loggerhead turtles live offshore and green turtles live along the coast.
Green turtles are especially popular for diving, and you can meet them in Okinawa and the Boso Peninsula.
Originally, a turtle that was originally on land went out into the sea and evolved, so you can swim quickly with big hands like fins.
Sea turtle females come ashore in the summer to lay eggs.
The hatched children are only a few centimeters, and it is said that only 1/5000 can grow into adults.

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