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MB Beluga Whale


SKU: 211002
size cm: 21 L x 8 W x 7.6 H
products age range: 3 years old
《Safari. Ltd》
playful animals, and felt like for the American brand.
Elaborately made, you such a powerful pose features.

Classification:鯨偶蹄目 narwhal Department
scientific name:Delphinapterus leucas
English name:Beluga Whale

Beluga is?
Arctic Ocean, Bering Sea unit,including the Okhotsk Sea inhabit.
Body color is white as toothed whales and large, the pilot whale and called everyone.
Beluga is a highly social animal, the age of the same sex in the group action, and of the hundreds, if the head of the Horde group forming there.

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