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MB Humpback Whale



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Size cm: 35.20 L x 18 W x 10.5 H
About products Age 3 years and older
An American brand that wants to make animals feel familiar while playing.
It is made finely to the details, and it is characterized by powerful poses that seem to start moving even now.

Classification:Cetacean Strandings
Scientific name: Megaptera novaeangliae
Name: Humpback Whale

What is a humpback?
It is the largest living organism on the planet, the size of which is more than 30 meters. It is a whale that is very popular for whale watching, such as Ogasawara Islands and Okinawa. He's smart, and he expresses his emotions through a variety of actions, such as breaching. It is also famous to sing, and it is rich in variations, and there is a boom depending on the season.

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