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Octopus (blue)


SKU: 200929
size cm:12.75L x 4.75 W x 1.5 H
about goods subject age over three years
American brands with the desire to feel familiar with animals while playing.
It is characterized by a powerful porching that is made up of detail and is likely to move even now.

Classification: Tacos
The scientific name: Octopoda
English name: Octopus

What about the octopus?
It is a marine mollusc, active mainly in rock and sandy areas.
It is the best mollusc animal and the most simulated animal, and it is good to protect itself according to the rock pattern.
When you feel dangerous, you spit ink like a squid, and if you are caught, you will cut off your feet and run away.
Basically, it is short-lived and about a year or two, but there are three hearts.
The sucker has sensory organs that detect taste, touching and checking taste.

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