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WW Orangutan



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Size cm: 11.5 L x 10.19 W x 12.5 H
About a product Target age 3 years old or older
The American brand that thought to want you to feel an animal to be close while playing was put.
It is made precisely in detail and features powerful ポージング which seems to begin to move at any moment.

A classification: Primate order hominid
A scientific name: Pongo
英名:Bornean Orangutan

With the orangutan?
When the male grows up, the circumference of the face greatly bulges, and even figure skating is reproduced faithfully. I live a life in a simple substance without making a group from disliking every fight and securing food. In addition, it is famous by making a nest to sleep every day and makes a bed on a one tree a day.

Orangutan, monkey, monkey, display, the decorations, interior, animal, figure skating, store, doll
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