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Oceanic Whitetip Shark


SKU: 100271
Size cm: 15.3 L x 8.5 W x 4.7 H
About products Age 3 years and older
An American brand that wants to make animals feel familiar while playing.
It is made finely to the details, and it is characterized by powerful poses that seem to start moving even now.

Category:bull shark
Scientific name:Carcharhinus longimanus
Name: Oceanic whitetip shark

What is a goldfish?
They live on the open ocean in warm waters.The shark is about 300cm long and is sometimes called"jogore".The body shape is a streamlined like other sharks, body color is also Gray, and the belly is with white and normal Sharks.
But its body and fins are decorated with a white pattern on the whole.
This is the origin of the name of the tiger shark.
They are carnivorous and feed mainly on bivalves, but if they are likely to be eaten by cephalopods, crustaceans, sea turtles and seabirds, they will attack them aggressively.
Because the open ocean is small, it is not so easy to miss the opportunity to be in the bait, and it has the property of becoming frenzy when you find the bait.
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