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Size cm: 17 L x 4.5 W x 6.5 H
About products Age 3 years and older
An American brand that wants to make animals feel familiar while playing.
It is made finely to the details, and it is characterized by powerful poses that seem to start moving even now.

Scientific name: Oncorhynchus keta
Name: Salmon

What is salmon?
It is distributed as fresh seafood and is eaten by many.
Salmonid Salmonid marine fish.The total length is about 1 meter.The body is a long spindle-shaped side, and there is a greasy fin near the fin.The back is dark blue,and the ventral side is silver-white.It is widely circulated in the North Pacific Ocean, rising to the river and spawning.A male in the spawning period has a snout that bends like a hook, so it is commonly called a nose-bend.The meat is pale pink and delicious.The eggs are prized as shoji(striped fish) and ikura (salmon roe).

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