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WS Regaliceratops


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Size 17×5.7×7cm
About products Age 3 years and older
An American brand that wants to make animals feel familiar while playing.
It is made finely to the details, and it is characterized by powerful poses that seem to start moving even now.

'Like a king' fellow of the triceratops

Regal keratops
It is a horn dragon that lived 6800 million years ago and has been named a regal keratopus(a face with a horn like a king)because it looks like a crown with its unique frills lined with broad triangular projections.He was a fellow of the casmosaurus subfamily, the same as the triceratops, but he had a head like the horns of the Centrosaurus Antaeus of another lineage, such as the stilacosaurus, which had a frilly ornamentation and a 1 pair of horns smaller than the eyes and a large horn on the nose than the triceratops.
It is believed that the Centrosaurus was extinct millions of years before the time when the species existed, and this species is the result of an alternate, convergent evolution.

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