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About wrapping

Wrapping bag

100+1 Small Gift Bag

Size:W20 × D4 × H32 cm
Click here to purchase a 100+1 Small Gift Bag

100+1 Large Gift Bag

size:W40 × D4 × H52 cm
Click here to purchase a 100+1 Large Gift Bag

How to request wrapping

  • Please add a wrapping bag of your choice to your shopping cart.
  • Please purchase necessary number of gift bags if you prefer multiple packaging.
  • If you are purchasing multiple items, please indicate which items will be gift-wrapped in the memo section above.

Eg. Gift-wrap the parakeet and the octopus separately - parakeet in Small Gift Bag, octopus in Large Gift Bag.
Please be aware that some items may not be gift wrapped.