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Wild Graphy Sea Turtles


SKU: SA035
raw materials primary Material:Polyester
country of origin:China
size W35×D35×H13cm
product about animals with unique colors and patterns to reproduce a new stuffed toy in. Photo by details of the pattern or printed fabric, while the use of plush from cute things to leave, the print is just the photo, not the exquisite array of added.

Age 6 years and older

turtle is?
Turtles on the land and lived in turtle to the sea into it. Under the sea early to swim, the hand tip, and the instep is water resistance, it has been found that it is hard to receive streamline your. The instep of the bone gap is a lot lighter. This is due to the evolution of turtles is very early to swim. However, the egg is in the sea will die, and the mother turtle is laying for the sand to land in.
Living in Japan, turtles us:the world, 8 species of turtles live. That loggerhead turtle,green turtle,hawksbill, hip sea turtles,leatherback sea turtle,download turtle 6 types of live in Japan. However, Hime, original,is unusual in Japan, the turtles, and a few times a year not sure. For this reason, in Japan, it is a, AO, and timer of 3 species,the 3 species of Japan's sandy beaches to spawn in the type in there......
Japan turtle Council with Kuroshima Institute HP more
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