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Humiusian mascot Aousuzi


SKU: ST023
raw materials Main material: polyester
Country of production: China
Size W6 × D12 × H5cm

Target age 6 years old or older

What is Aołumiu?
Distribution: the area around Japan and the South China Sea.The colour is blue.The surrounding area of the cloak membrane is yellow.
A yellow vertical line is placed on the middle line, and yellow spots are also placed on both sides of the line.
The yellow markings are dotted or linear, and there are many mutations in the shape of the mokko-mon.
It is also seen that black spots are invarieged.
The antennas are orange.
The secondary gills are white, and the parts of the axis are orange.
The reading of the name is Hypceloris Festiva.
The body length is 30mm.
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