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SKU: SQ099
about raw materials Main Materials: Polyester
Producing States: China
size W7×D16×H10cm

subject age over three years

What about swallows?
The white bird with its back shiny blue and black, red in forehead and throat.
The wings are large and well developed, and are slender and slender.
The long tail is broken in two hips, and the clothes are derived from this.
It is a staple food for insects flying, such as mosquito flies, and it is treated as a bird since ancient times because it eats only pests without eating grains.
When he returns to Japan, he starts to cooperate with the couple, and he uses the nest he used before, and in this case he can reinforce it and shape it. When completed, three to seven eggs are produced, and parents hatch chicks with alternate eggs for about two weeks.
The chicks grow at a speed of a month and greet the nest, and the chicks that have finished eating well will be unsatisfied with the chicks that feed the first rice. The parent bird couple alternates to feed the chicks, reciprocating and outside the nest in units hundreds of times.
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