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River otter


SKU: SM302
raw materials main material:acrylic
country of origin:Vietnam

age: 3 years and older

the tree the otter is?
The otter is still one of the most compact of the category in India, southern China, Southeast Asia, such as rivers and swamps and other water species.
The forefoot claws are small, this is the method named country. The water is also small, the fingers are somewhat thick and stocky as possible. The tail is long,the image of the otter body length of the lot accounted for. Food crayfish, crabs, shellfish, and fish don't eat too much.
The Eurasian otter unlike the family size is large, 10 to 15 in the herd to make the connection is thin, one was male and female without leaving no other than to the herd that is not an animal.

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