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Family crest pouch/Pattern


About raw materials Main material: polyester
Country of origin: China
size W22 x D15 x H1 cm
About the product Contains a red stamp book (the mouth is not closed)

A family crest is a sign of a "house."
It originated in the late Heian period and is said to be a culture unique to Japan.

Target age 6 years or older

What is a family crest
A family crest is a coat of arms (logo mark) that is passed down to your ancestors and home.
The blood flow from your ancestors to you has been replaced with simple marks.
In the samurai society before the Edo period, it was used to identify the features and sequences of daimyo and flag books.
For samurai, walking with a crested kimono or lanterns was the same as walking with a signboard, and was to show off your dignity.
The family crest was originally born from the pattern that the emperor and the royal family put on the kimono, and it is said that the pattern is a fixed pattern and that it is attached to your own ox cart.
It also developed into the samurai society of the Kamakura period.
The military commander drew a large family crest on flag and finger objects to distinguish enemy views on the battlefield, and was used by the general to determine which military commander was active and how much.
The samurai have their own family crests, and were often used for weapons, flags, legs, and kimonos.
And it seems that the family crest could not be used without permission, and it was used after being given by the lord or obtaining permission to use it.
In the Meiji era, the black crest of the "Crested Hakama" became common, and it was necessary for every house.
Therefore, it seems that ordinary people other than the samurai, who have continued to generations, decided their family crest relatively freely.
On the other hand, it is said that some houses were forced to decide their family crests by powerful people such as shoyas and landowners.

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