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Family crest pouch/Akechi


raw materials primary Material:Polyester
country of origin:China
size 22nd×D15×H1cm
product about Goshuin book is(mouth not closed)

crest is the"House"of.
The origin is at the end of the Heian era in Japan-specific culture that it is.

6 years or older,

Central House of Crest about
Akechi Mitsuhide is using your family crest is"Kikyo crest,"he says.
For generations,Mino province(now Gifu Prefecture)to pay for the venerable clan"Toki says,"and it is one of the various clans is for family crest.
Toki said in the Heian period, tremendous power had michinaga Fujiwara, the most powerful of tastes. The valor from"朝家(Imperial family)of the Guardian called"the 源頼光 that is a descendant of Toki light unbalanced and you the only one from the father and that is the clan. From, the Toki clan was the Bellflower crest to crest for that anecdote there.

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