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Family crest pouch/Oda



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About raw materials Main material: polyester
Country of origin: China
size W22 x D15 x H1 cm
About the product Contains a red stamp book (the mouth is not closed)

A family crest is a sign of a "house." It originated in the late Heian period, and is said to be a culture unique to Japan. Target age 6 years or older

About the family crest of the Oda family
It is said that there are seven confirmed crests of the Oda family.
The one we are using here is "Odagi Urimon".
As a family crest used by Nobunaga Oda, it is well known to modern people in dramas and movies, and it has been designated as Nobunaga Oda's standard crest.
The tree melon crest is one of the five major crests that are often used in Japan, and it is said to be a crest that represents the prosperity of descendants because the pattern of the melon cut into slices right next to it looks like an egg in a bird's nest.
It is said that Nobunaga came to use this crest from Oda Nobunaga's father, Oda Nobuhide, from Owari guardian Shiba. Since it was Kiri and Nihiki, the theory that it was handed over from Echizen and Asakura from other sources is now considered to be a strong force.

Oda family crest
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