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Family crest cushion/Akechi


About raw materials The main material: Polyester
A production country: China
Size W30×D30×H10cm

The family coat of arms is the mark of "the house".
As for the origin, it is in the latter half of the Heian era, and it seems to have possibilities to be said that it is Japanese peculiar culture.

Target age 6 years old or older

Akechi house
Mr. Akechi is a branch family of Kiyokazu Genji Toki. The birthplace was Kuniaki Mino intellect (Akechicho, Ena-shi), but, with 5 Toki head family 代頼遠 having moved to Nagamori Castle of Mino (existing 6, Kiridooshi, Gifu-shi), the Akechi head family moved to Akechi Zhuang (existing Kani-shi).
Mr. Akechi acted as service a large number of people which served the Muromachi Shogunate directly. When is said that depended on Akechi Castle of Kani-gun Nagayama, and Dosan Saito defeats Toki by Tail wags the dog for the age of civil strife, and hold Mino country from generation to generation; quickly; succeed in being affiliated, and planning a survivor. However, it was conquered because I took sides with Dosan by the internal trouble of later Dosan, justice dragon father and son. But I avoid only the complete extinction because Mitsuhide Akechi of the whole families escaped alive.
For 1,582 years, Mitsuhide died in a loss before Hideyoshi Hashiba in a fight of Yamasaki though I defeated Nobunaga by Honnoji-Temple Incident.

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