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Family crest cushion/Tokugawa


raw materials primary Material:Polyester
country of origin:China
size W30×D30×H10cm

crest is the"House"of.
The origin is at the end of the Heian era in Japan-specific culture that it is.

6 years or older,

Ieyasu, the earliest ancestors of the Tokugawa Soke(the Shogun), the first Ieyasu in the 18th year of Tensho era(ad 1590)in Edo 入府, and in the 8th year of keicho era(1603)in the region the government in one, and would no longer deal with 260 years,15 generations of the Shogun as Japan's governance and the US. Then, in the first year of the Meiji period(in 1868)to 田安 Tokugawa and 16 in place as the footsteps entered, and the 17 years(1884)after the decree the enactment of the by the Duke the house, and 17 instead of the 家正 through now(18 instead of 恒孝)region.

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