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Hypsilochelis japonici



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raw materials Main material: polyester
Country of production: China
Size W6 × D15 × H5cm
About Products It's a toy texture!

Target age 6 years old or older

I mean, what is a mytholemixi?
Distribution: known only from Japan
The colour of the body is purple to pale purple.
The exterior mantle of the membrane is covered with a white cherry blossom line.
On the inside of this line, there is a line with a line of red purple markings.
A white vertical line is placed between the antennae and the antennae of the antennae and the front of the gills from the antennae.
The corners of the antennae are the same as the shape of the body, and the folded leaves are orange-red to vermilion.
The secondary gills are uniformly dyed with orange red to vermilion.
It was transferred from the genus Nouxalayuyukusi to the main genus.
The reading of the name is "Wellconia" plaplea.
The body length is 15mm.

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