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Fluffy stuffed the roll down system



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raw materials primary Material:Polyester
country of origin:China
size W24×D50×H15cm
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6 years or older,

the program nudibranch is?
Distribution:from Japan only known. Body Ground Color from purple to blue-violet.
外套膜 outermost white ash from the Pink Line at the edge to be taken.
This lines the inside of the purple-red Fleck lined also seen.
The back on the midline, antennae from between the secondary gills of the front, the 1 Book of the white vertical line is entered.
Antennae the color of the base is the body background color the same,褶 leaves are orange-red from Vermilion.
Secondary gills and a uniform orange-red color from the Cinnabar dyeing.
Noumea system of the nudibranch from the genus this genus was moved.
It is a read-only or Zirconia・pull-up.
Body length 15mm reach.

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