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Fluffy twins



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Raw materials Material: Polyester
China Province
Size Cm / 24 / 50
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Age 6 years or older

EurekAlert EurekAlert UFO.
Distribution: India, West Pacific, Central Pacific, western Atlantic
The color of the body is yellow to mountain blue.
There are large finger like protrusions on the left and right sides of the secondary girdle.
The color of the tip of the finger and tail is from black to empty.
The antennae has a tangle sheath, the color is black and the color is black. The tip of the tangle is black.
The secondary girdle is the same as the body ground color, and the outside of the shaft becomes black.
Because it resembles a character of a certain game, it is called by the nickname Picchu.
Reach 50 mm.

A display of a cow and a display of a cow
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