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Insect Magnet Ladybird


About raw materials Main material: Polyester
Country of production: China
Size W7 x D10 x H5cm

Age 6 or older

It is a small beetle of vivid body color. The origin of the Japanese name was taken from the heavenly road of the sun god because it flew toward the sun.
The length of an adult is a small insect of about a few mm - 1 cm. Adults are hemispherical and have short legs and antennae. The body is colored with vivid colors such as black, red, orange, yellow, and brown, and the pattern of the body is rich in mutations among different types. In Japan, there are many red and yellow background colors with black polka dots, or yellow with white polka dots, many of which are named by the number of those spots.
As the name suggests, the nanahosytenium is one of the most commonly found ladybirds, with seven black crests on the red sheathed wings.
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