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Goldfish magnet demekin


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About raw materials Main material: polyester
Country of origin: China
size W4 x D15 x H7cm
About the product If you paste it, you can enjoy the feeling of a fishbowl anywhere

Target age 6 years or older

Demekin is a goldfish variety. The feature is that the eyes protrude greatly on both the left and right, and the figure is similar to Ryukin. The protruding eyes gradually appear from about 3 months after hatching.
Characterized by a large pop-out eye, those with a big pop-out and good balance are highly evaluated. Regarding breeding, it is necessary to be careful not to damage the protruding eyeballs, but breeding is easy and it can be said that it is a sturdy breed. The body color is broadly divided into three colors, black, red, and white, and there are also three-color eye gold that is a mixture of these three colors. There are also eye-catchers that accidentally mate with a black pattern on the eyes and look like a panda.
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