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Hang Budgeriga (Spangle)



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About raw materials Main Material:Polyester
Country of origin:China
Size W5×D13×H9cm

[100+1] S size isHere
About products Even if it becomes a little smaller, the feature that hangs by the hand is as it is.
It is also interesting to put together with the existing normal version♪

Age 3 years and older

"100+1" popular birds become a little small mascot and a new appearance!
It can be enjoyed as an interior hanging in various places, of course, it is possible to carry always because it is with a ball chain.
I want you to take me with you when you go out!With the intention of creating a"100+1"mascot with a small size ball chain, we created a"100+1Hang" mascot with the taste of "100 + 1".
Gift Wrapping
Gift bags can be purchased separately.
100+1 Gift bag (Large)
100+1 Gift bag (Small)
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