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about raw materials Main Material: Acrylic
Producing Country: Vietnam
size W10×D35×H18cm

subject age over three years

What about a swine?
Tutsi pigs live throughout the Sahara desert of Africa, where the English name Aardvark) means "silt pig" in the Afrikaans language, the official language of South Africa (the Wa name also translates from there). At first glance, the body and long nose were reminiscent of pigs, but when you look closely, the big, long ears are similar to rabbits and have kangaroo-like tails. However, they are not companions of these animals, and their own classification of tsarcoids has been made.
Tutsi pigs are nocturnal and spend the hot days in Africa in cool burrows underground dug with their mighty feet and small spade-shaped swallows; after sunset, they use their swallows well to eat termites, which are their favorites. Although searching for Esa in grasslands and forests, they search for large termite Ali mounds and may travel several kilometers at night.
They can close their nostrils so that hooks and termites do not enter the body, and their thick skin prevents them from being bitten by termites.

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