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Brazza monkey


SKU: SM280
raw materials main material:acrylic
country of origin:Vietnam
size W16×D25×H28cm
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age range: 3 years old

black the end is?
Black the end( the genome) of Ethiopia from the Sudan, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, and Angola and Congo,Gabon, such as the distribution to the person of the Department of monkeys,"the most beautiful in the world of one"also referred to as.
Amount to orange Crescent-shaped of the hair is characteristic,from under the nose of what is a long and white beard there.
Systemic short hair is not dense,the back is Olive-Gray, the abdomen is blackish, and the whole stocky and feel.
The black group is woodland habitat, the rivers of the near and the swamps of the wetlands, such as often seen in small herds in the semi-arboreal life.
The herd is both male and female and children from 4 to 10 head of about the family from the group have, and sometimes 40 head near gather together this opportunity.
Daytime activities,early morning and evening particularly active.
Mainly to eat the fruits, the seeds and flowers, mushrooms and other vegetable matter of the other,omnivorous, grasshoppers and crickets and other insects and reptiles also eaten.

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