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Spotbill duck


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About raw materials The main material: Acrylic
A production country: Vietnam
Size W14×D24×H26cm

The spotbill duck (child)This

Target age 3 years old or older

With the spotbill duck?
60cm in total length. The friend of the duck. The face has two blackish brown lines like white with blackish brown in the whole. The bill is black, and leaders are outstanding with yellow well. As for the leg, a bitter orange is red. Contrast of the blackish brown of the flight feather of the below wing surface at the time of the flight and the white of the wing covert is vivid. It is the female male same color, but the body has a bigger male, and the black taste is strong, too. I am distributed over the tropical zone from the temperate zone of Asia and spread. It spreads in the whole country in Japan and it is from Honshu and to the south and is a summer bird in permanent resident, Hokkaido. I live in a river, ponds and marshes, the waterside including the sea. The bait lives mainly on fruits of a herb, a stem, the grass in a vegetable property. I eat the benthos at the time of the young bird. The size is approximately same as, but the weight is slightly than a mallard light, and there is an opinion to come from "the light ケ pond" sung to opinion and Manyoshu tanka collection that the name was derived from it.

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