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ST. Bernard(child)



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About raw materials Main material: acrylic
Country of origin: Vietnam
size W14 x D26 x H13 cm
About the product A puppy stuffed animal with a lovely lie. Compact size that is easy for children to carry

Target age 3 years or older

What is St. Bernard?
The St. Bernard is a droopy ear with a large physique of at least 50 kg, with a thick skeleton and muscles covered by a thick double coat.
The standard height is 70 to 90 cm for males and 65 to 80 cm for females, and the height is longer than the body length, and the weight sometimes exceeds 100 kg.
Mild and gentle, with a patient and gentle personality.
I have the ability to think for myself and try to play a role with a strong sense of responsibility, and I am sometimes stubborn.

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