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Palm cockatoo



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raw materials main material:acrylic
country of origin:Vietnam
size W11×D30×H30cm
product about New Guinea and the surrounding Islands, and Northern Australia inhabiting a companion parrot. Characterized by a large mouth and red cheeks are reproduced.

Age range: 3 years old

palm cockatoo is?
Guinea Island, Northern Australia, and Papua Islands on the part of the distribution,5 subspecies exist. Total length 60 cm and most large belonging to the parrot,the whole body is Slate Black. The beak and on the beak is mighty long of the eye downward to the cheek(cheek)of the great 裸出 Department,red discolored. Elongated feathers bunch-shaped 羽冠 also featured is the mighty beak is chopped there, hard palm seeds are crushed to eat. The tongue also its feeding habits, suitable for through-shaped. The action is dull, the Flying force is weak, when a loud voice emitted.
Palm parrot, is a constant tempo in beat increments we can. Humans are also surprisingly difficult, but the rhythm is the animal Kingdom version of 1.

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