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Japanese crane


About raw materials Main material: Acrylic
Country of origin: Vietnam
Size W15 x D30 x H36cm
About the product And red of the forehead is a feature, I reproduce the elongated neck. Because there is a wire in the leg, it is made to stand!

Age 3 or older

What is a butterfly?
The largest vine in Japan. Because the top of the head is red, it is a red top.
Total length 140cm, wing opening length 250cm ( both male). Male female is the same color, but the body is large male. The whole body is almost white, and the neck, the second row, and the three-row wind cut feather are black. The top of the head is red. The larvae are light brown from head to neck and back, with black spots at the tip of each wing. "Curluo," he says in a loud voice. In Japan, it was bred in Hokkaido and was considered extinct from the end of the Edo period to the beginning of the Meiji era, but after rediscovery, it was possible to avoid extinction by feeding corn in the winter. They live in wetlands, fields, ranches, and lakeshores in eastern Hokkaido and breed.
Today, it has increased to more than 1,500 birds.

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