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About raw materials The main material: Acrylic
A production country: Vietnam
Size W17×D30×H26cm

Target age 3 years old or older

With Toki?
A scientific name is called "Nipponia nippon" and is a bird symbolizing Japan. I seemed to be a kind to be only in Japan at first that a scientific name was added to, but knew that I inhabited China after a scientific name was touched.
Toki performs "a friction action" to rub a feather in the case of a bathe throughout the year. I rub it against the body of the range where a black material appears at the time of the breeding, and a neck, the head reaches and finish dyeing a feather. The whole feather in this way turns black.
The feather which it grows and is replaced, and was dyed by (molting) black of the feather which begins in (early summer) when the breeding season is over outrun him, and a new beautiful feather grows.
It is in protective coloration holding the egg which is the age that breeding is possible as for this color of a wing change to turn black (2 years old) and a mark to tell the individual of the circumference about being able to spread, and it having been at time.
So the young bird - baby bird does "a friction action" at the time of a bathe throughout the year, too, but does not become black.
A face and the leg which a male and the female do the same figure, and hear 程大 which a male walks around twice are red and feature the big bill which it is black, and curved. In addition, it is the bird which is nervous with timidity.

Sentence cooperation Crested Ibis Conservation Center on Sado Island nature return station

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