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Toy Poodle (Posing)


About raw materials Main material: Acrylic
Country of origin: Vietnam
Size W13 x D26 x H22cm
About the product The front leg, the hind leg, and the tail can be moved.

Age 3 or older

What is toy poodle?
The toy poodle is covered with a coat with unique curls in a square configuration with almost the same body length and body height.
It is defined that 24cm to 28cm is the standard in the body height.
Toy poodles are very intelligent, athletic, curious, and sometimes the smartest of poodle varieties.
He is an honor-student with few shortcomings, is affectionate to his family, and treats other people and other dogs well.
Hair color includes black, white, blue, gray, brown, café aula, apricot, cream, silver, silver beige and red.

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