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raw materials primary Material:Polyester
country of origin:Vietnam
size W27×D55×H17cm
product about the mouth in a horn-like Tusk is the charm point. Squeaking and angle your tail is so cute narwhal is.

6 years or older,

the narwhal is?
The Arctic Ocean to see whales from it. A whale of a large baleen whale and the toothed whales are divided into. Narwhal are toothed whales of the can.
Narwhal(corner)and the origin of the name is to long"horn"is actually a corner in the Fang of it. In one corner is a seemingly toothless looks like,on the chin buried in the 2 Book of the teeth. Object that is the left for 1 tooth only,left or you can screw them out and continue,length 2. 5m too. Also, the tusked female, and Fang 2 the book, you online may also be seen.
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