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about raw materials Main Materials: Polyester
Producing Country: Vietnam
size W19×D70×H15cm
about goods From jaw to head to tail, it is scaly, with scales like tosaca, and with stripes on the tail, it faithfully reproduced the long limbs unique to Iguana, the unique eye. The skin is also a palpable feeling that is sloppy and twitching.

subject age over three years

What about Iguana?
Green iguanas live mainly in the rainforests of South America, with adult body lengths of as long as 180 cm.
In addition to looking like a dinosaur, there are plenty of enthusiasts, because they also remember words that are good heads and easy.
When attacked by an outside enemy, you can drop your tail like a lizard.
Iguana also has a sensory organ called parietal eye, which is different from what appears to be the eye, but this quickly detects the change of light and the external enemy.

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