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About raw materials The main material: Acrylic
A production country: Vietnam
Size W25×D33×H23cm
About a product A genuine article is nearer than the stuffed toy of the bear to see well and is an impression sharp slimly. I have a cute round eyes and am a bear feeling bravery.

Target age 6 years old or older

With the bear?
I spread it for the North American Continent, the North American Continent, the Eurasian Continent, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, one of Japan. The biggest kind is 100-280 centimeters in length, up to 780 kilograms in weight in subsequently large brown bears in white bears. In the smallest kind sun bear, it is 100-150 centimeters in length. 27-65 kilograms in weight. Generally, it is said that I have the limbs which I am shameless, and have a short it and a big body, sense of smell of 7 times of the superior dog a fur and the short tail which it grew thickly. Sight and the hearing are not particularly good. The limbs are short, and 指趾 is five of them, and there is the talon which I cannot put in and out which curved in each for a long time. Was suitable that this nail tore up an article and dug it up, and climbed a tree, and was superior in excavation; is. I inhabit a mountainous area and the forest other than a white bear mainly. I ground and move a sole (蹠行性). I consume abundantly nourishment in a fall, and there is the kind hibernating in winter in the winter season. As for the hibernating bear, temperature falls, and ventilatory frequency and heart rates decrease, and not only I do not eat bait and water, but also excretion and the urination are not seen. The kind of the plant food tendency is a sloppy meal mainly, but the strong kind of the animal food tendency eats seal salmon white ants.

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