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About raw materials Main material: Main material: Acrylic
Country of origin: Vietnam
Size W8 x D32 x H13cm

Medium size isHere
About the product A slightly pointed nose and a wide range of ears stand out the cuteness of the ten. The head, hands and feet, tail are black, the torso is yellow, and the other part is white hair color. The hair is generally short and has excellent feel.

Age 6 years old or older

What is Ten?
It is widely inhabited by conifers throughout the northern hemisphere and in the northern deciduous broad lobe forests.
The body is elongated, the foot is comparatively short, and the head is flat.
Moreover, the nose surface is long, and the ear is wide, and it is short, and it looks like a weasel.
It is a nocturnal animal, and it rests in the rock hole and the tree cave in daytime.

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