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Sakana-kun Pacific Bluefin Tuna


SKU: SK008
About raw materials Main material: polyester
Country of origin: China
size 86 cm
About the product Target age 6 years old or older
Sakana kun's tips written on a tag!
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[A word from the maker planning staff]
Has a gray tongue.
This is a product that Kana Kun was particular about and supervised, such as the position of each fin and the nose that you would not know unless you knew it. ..

Bluefin tuna
Habitat: Saltwater fish. The sea near Japan. North Pacific Ocean, warm Atlantic Ocean. The temperate zone of the whole world. It is abundant in the Northern Hemisphere and rare in the Southern Hemisphere.
Basic information: Spawning is summer.
May-July in Okinawa, Southwest Islands, and east of Taiwan. Even in the Sea of ​​Japan, small-scale spawning is performed from July to August in San'in and off Akita.
At the age of one and two, they migrated to the waters around Japan and partly moved to the American waters.
At age 1, 56 cm, weight 4 kg, at age 3, 108 cm, 26 kg, at age 10, 191 cm, 130 kg.
Life is over 20 years.
Use carnivorous fish for food such as sardines, skipjack and squid.
From the market fish and shellfish pictorial book
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